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Internet Advertising, and specifically Social Media and Search Advertising, has become the most transformational form of advertising ever created. Most small business owners looking to participate in this ‘online digital advertising game’, face three barriers-of-entry that keeps them from even playing the game, let alone playing it successfully. They’re (1) Lack of Knowledge, (2) Lack of Time, and (3) Lack of Ad Spend.

As the owner of More Free Offers™, I was determined to remove these barriers by developing a lead capturing, sales generating digital advertising Platform where advertisers have everything done for them, for next-to-nothing! Well, after two years of research and a nother year in development, I did it! The result was More Free Offers™, a local deals search engine that makes it possible for small business owners to compete with the big boys, and do it all across America!

I know it sounds crazy, but hundreds, even thousands of small business owners can become your clients … ‘if’ you’re willing to learn how to get them to let you set them up with their own More Free Offers™ listing. Once you learn how, each new clients’ listing becomes a potential reocurring income stream, a money tree of sorts that generates commissions for you every single month, year-after-year! It’s there for the taking if you want it, but only ‘if’ you have a big enough dream and are actually serious about owning your own business. If you are, then continue reading.

The first step is to sign up as a More Free Offers™ Affiliate Marketer, and we’ll teach you how to get small business owners to let you set them up with a listing on More Free Offers™. A More Free Offers™ listing works a lot like a Hometown Values Magazine Ad or a Money Mailer Envelope Campaign Ad does, except the Ads are listed online. As you know, Mailer campaigns have 50 to 60 Ads stuffed in an envelope or crammed onto a magazine page, which are mailed to thousands of homes in several different markets, which costs each participating advertiser several hundred dollars, and sometimes a full page ad can cost the advertiser more than a thousand dollars. Each advertiser hopes their Mailer Ad will generate enough Leads and Sales to recover their ad costs, and hopefully make some profit too.

In contrast, More Free Offers™ is a digital “Destination of Free Offer Listings” hosted on the Internet where the public can access them at any time for free. Instead of having to mail out its pareticipating advertisers Free Offers to thousands of households, More Free Offers™ simply drives Local Visitor Eyeballs directly to its Search page where the visitors can check out any offers being made by the participating merchants within their own neigborhood.

Now you may ask, “How does More Free Offers™ drive these Local Visitor Eyeballs to its Home page for next-to-nothing?” Well, that’s our secret sauce. Whether there’s 100,000 sets of eyeballs or just 10, the participating merchants only pay 100 bucks in personal Ad Spend per campaign, which often ends up getting eyeballs to the site for less than 1/1000th of a penny, and that’s because we leverage each Advertisers $100 is put into our Group Ad Spend. It’s much like what the Mailer Marketers are doing except More Free Offers™ charges its advertisers only 100 bucks for a month’s worth of advertising. The entire $100 goes into our Group Ad Spend kitty, which we then use to pay for an entire month of Facebook Advertising. As an example, let’s say a single advertiser pays $100, and if there were 25 advertisers participating in that months campaign, the total Group Ad Spend would $2,500, and so, our Advertisers only pay a little … so that no one has to pay a lot. It’s “Piggy-back Advertising” at it’s best!

More Free Offers™ Secret Sauce consists of several powerful marketing strategies, each of which More Free Offers™ has integrated into its Platform. It’s most powerful one is it’s Performance-based Advertising model. Advertisers pay commissions only when a lead is captures or sale is completed. Another marketing strategy that’s been integrated into the system is ‘Collaboration’ where every advertiser works with each other to create synergistic activity. Another one is quite unique. It’s a back-linking strategy called The Cross-Pollinator™. All off these powerful marketing strategies are integrated into one digital platform where they become a powerful experience for every visitor, thereby delivering a far greater result than what each merchant Advertiser could ever create on their own.

As a More Free Offers™ Affiliate Marketing Consultant, you now have an opportunity to generate a sizable number of income streams by serving local business owners within your own community, or all across the country. You just set up each client with their own More Free Offers™ listing where their product can be viewed by hundreds, if not thousands of visitors, and you get paid with every click of the mouse!

In addition to selling listings, you can recruit other Affiliate Marketers to do the same thing as you’re doing, and you’ll recieve overrides on those recruits User Fees. Because there’s an ongoing ‘need’ for both new leads and ongoing sales, the need for this opportunity never goes away. The bottom line, is once your clients experience More Free Offers™ keeping its promises, you’ll become their trusted adviser, and that will open the door to a large number of reocuring income streams that will pay you over and over again for many years to come.



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In nine (9) months’ time I was able to acquire one-hundred and twenty-five (125) merchant locations, each of whom paid me an average of $100 per month in service fees and consulting support as their trusted adviser. I have very much enjoyed the relationships I have had with my merchant-clients.